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You are welcome to the Official website of Quadcore Technologies Limited. We are into the business of Information Technology with our head office at the Central Business District of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Quadcore Brief

Quadcore Technologies Limited is a proudly Nigerian Information and Communication Technology firm set up to provide business solutions that meets Customer requirements following international standards for solution development. Having identified a major gap in the solutions industry within the country, our team came together to provide a one stop shop where you can find a team of ICT experts and also business solutions expert. Thus we go beyond just giving a computer solution but we provide a solution that understands your business operations so your operational flow remains intact while it is computerized.

Core Objectives

Our vision is to become the leading Enterprise Application Software (EAS) provider in Africa.

Our mission is to transform the information technology sector of the nation Nigeria by working closely with Public and Private businesses as well as policy makers to harness the dividends of the sector as a nation.

Meet people onboard


We are a team of lovely and deligent people with one goal.

Olajide Ayodeji

'Deji Olajide

Managing Director

'Deji Olajide
Odofi Muyiwa

Shyam Pushpey

ED Operations

Shyam Pushpey
Alabi Paul Flusho

Ojo Olumide Ayoola

ED Technological Services

Ojo, Olumide Ayoola
What we offer


Quadcore Technologies Limited is an organization set up with three cardinal focus which basically are Solution Development, Capacity Building and IT Consultancy Services.


Our Solution Development services is crafted with the major goal of computerizing your process to optimize productivity. Our model is basically ANALYZE - DESIGN - VERIFY - DEVELOP - TEST - DEPLOY - TRANSFER.


We specialize in the organization of trainings both in-house and off-location training for organizations on ICT capacity building and leadership trainings. We have local and international trainers and we provide both local and international training solutions.


We also engage in ICT Consultancy Services with the objective to ensure that organizations that engage us realize optimal benefit from any activity engaged upon.

Things on market


Our solutions understand your business operations so your operational flow remains intact while it is computerized.

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We have been of service to the following organizations and institutions with an efficient and an effective renderation of services that has earned us satisfying testimonials.

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